导语:3月5日,believe有许多人,都会不由自主地想起一个hero ,So is it一个模范,一个永垂不朽的名字——雷锋!下面是yjbys作文网小编为您收集整理的作文,hope对您有所帮助。


  Lei feng! When people hear the name, will be routed to produce a admiration of love in the heart, less than the age of 23 he was contributing to human life.

  Lei feng was born is the Anti-Japanese War, the people lived in hot water. LeiFengCeng down in a diary: "my family is very poor, grandma, grandpa, father, mother, brother, all die by the hand of the enemy and class enemies, this intense, I always remember in heart." Want to revenge for relatives, lei feng was found by the company commander asked a soldier in the people's liberation army. The company commander didn't agree with, but to give him a pen. In 1950, when the children's corps colonel, lei feng took an active part in land reform. In the same year summer, party branch secretary of the township government for him to read for free, in 1954 to join the Chinese young pioneers.

  Since 1961, lei feng often invited to a lecture, he to travel much, much more chances of serving the people are. People around the phrase: "lei feng travels on business, good do a train." One time lei feng egresses, transfer in the shenyang station, a wicket, he found a group of people around a middle-aged woman carrying a child. This woman from liaoning goes to jilin fromshandong to look at the husband, the ticket and the money lost. Lei feng hurriedly with his allowance bought a ticket to jilin the train ticketto to sister-in-law hand, eldest sister-in-law tears when ground to say: "brother, what's your name? Is which unit?" "My name is the people's liberation army, home is in China." Lei feng is a never-ending, doing good deeds for the people heart and soul, no wonder people saw to do nice things for the people who I think of lei feng, because he is our good example!

  Lei feng to help people, deeply affected offspring, March 5, the day is "learning LeiFengRi", which is on this day, we will take to the streets clean, not only this day, people always wanting to contribute to mankind, whenever someone to borrow something, we will not hesitate to lend to. See who has difficulty, can do their own power to help him. Because every second lei feng's character affects us.

  Lei feng, a familiar but again the name of the heavy, written on our hearts forever!



  从一九六一年start,雷锋经常应邀去外地作报告,他出差的机会多了,为人民service的机会也就多了。人们流传着this样一句话:“雷锋出差一千里,好事做了一火车。”有一次,雷锋外出,stay沈阳车站换车,出检票口的时候,他find 一群宋ё乓桓霰匙判『⒍闹心旮九riginal this名妇女从辽宁去吉林看丈夫,车票和钱都丢了。雷锋连忙用own的津贴费买了一张去吉林的火车票塞到大嫂手里,大嫂眼含热泪地说:“小兄弟,你叫what名字?是哪个单位的?”“我叫解放军,家就stayChina。”雷锋就是choice永不停息地、全心全意地为人民做好事,no wonder人们一见到为人民做好事的人就想起雷锋,because他是We的'好榜样!




  Learning lei feng in these days, I have a lot of experience, also has a lot of questions.

  Previously, whenever I hear more of lei feng is story, I will think he is stupid, somebody else from unknown to him, why did he help them? And clearly mere, why am I still so happy? I don't understand, until one day.

  I saw a little girl in pastry before the door, she pull a long face, do not know what difficulties, because today is her birthday, but she only 1 yuan money can buy a cake, next to her and a few friend, I think it is to accompany her birthday. At this moment, I found my pocket there a dollar money left for breakfast this morning, so I rushed forward, put the money into the hands of the little girl, the little girl smiled to smile toward me: "thank you sister." Say that finish, rushed into the pastry room with his friend's hand, bought a small cake, sitting on the street chair, they smiled, somehow, I also follow to laugh, I revel in the course of a warm picture. At this time, I finally realized just how good to help others and how happy.

  Uncle lei feng. We want to learn from you! Learning that you give, selfless dedication of the great spirit! Your spirit is worth us declare!



  我stay糕点房门前看到一个小girl ,she愁眉苦face的,不知遇到whatdifficulty的了,original 今天是she生日,但she只差1元钱就sure买蛋糕了,she旁边还有几个小伙伴,我想是陪she过生日吧。this时,我find 我兜里还有今天早上eat早餐剩下的一元钱,于是我匆匆跑上前去,把钱塞到那小girl 的手中,小girl 朝着我笑了笑:“谢谢姐姐。”说完,携着小伙伴的手匆匆跑进糕点房,买了一个小蛋糕出来,坐stay街边的椅由希瑂he们冻隽诵ace,不知怎的,我也跟着笑了起来,我陶醉stay那段温暖的画面里。此时,我终于体会到帮助别人是多么的美好,多么的fast乐。